2nd BMT – DAY +79 Mommy’s Superman

My Superman! Love him more then words can express…

Liam was released from the hospital on Wednesday (5/22). He was waiting patiently by the door to go. It was a bitter sweet moment. Excited that he is doing well enough to go to the Ronald Housing. But the fear, leaving the secure feeling of the doctors and nurses being just a button push away. All blood cultures as of yesterday’s clinic appointment are all still negative. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY THAT THE BACTERIA IS GONE FOR GOOD. Liam is doing good. He is really enjoying be out of the hospital, with more space to play. He has really been doing great eating. His night feeds were lowered. He was getting 15 hrs @ 50 ml per hour of Peptamen Junior with Beneprotein powder added. Then they lowered to 10 hrs @ 50 ml per hour. Now he is down to 8 hrs @ 30 ml per hour and no Benoprotien now. He is moving in the right direction

  Thank you for your continued prayers and emotional support.

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