Today you can tell Liam is not feeling a 100% :(

Update from mommy,

Hunters last appointment before he gives the boost

Today you can tell Liam is not feeling a 100% :( it breaks my heart to see him ill again. Children should not have to suffer or go through this much. I’m so filled with anger right now that the first BMT didn’t take and now we are just hoping this boost will. I’m speaking straight from my heart not sugar coating the situation there are risks with giving him the immune suppressant his liver is really elevated and that is a concern so waiting to see what that does. Then comes the boost were he can get GVHD, or deadly GVHD, or it may not work or now his immune system is suppressed and he gets a cold and that could potentially kill him. If he survived the boost but it doesn’t take then back to square one another BMT. This BMT would mean Noa would now be the donor and I have to then face that Hunter may feel like he wasn’t good enough to save his brother. Noa now carries that burden. Will it work using Noa, I don’t know. So I could have two children who tried to save there brother and both attempts might fail. On top of that I might lose my baby boy :’( this is by far the worst thing a mother could go through apart from losing their child. I know I still have Liam and I am very thankful, but the reality is always there. You cannot forget the possibility of the worst, it just doesn’t work. The pain and fear are always there no matter how hopeful you are. Hope is always there mixed with the what ifs. Please pray this works and he can soon be a normal little boy…


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2 Responses to Today you can tell Liam is not feeling a 100% :(

  1. Ann says:

    Praying for Liam to stay strong…what a fighter he is!! Praying for all of you to keep up your strength to help Liam along this rough road. I can’t even imagine what this is like for you and your family. Liam is very blessed to have a family to love and care for him as all of you do. I know he is a huge blessing to all of you too. My prayers are with you everyday!!