2nd BMT – DAY +84

Today was a long day. He was NPO – nothing by mouth from 1am until after is Bone marrow & Skin Biopsy around 11am. He had to be at the lab at 7am, we ended up be about 15 mins late because of a jack knife semi truck on the south bound 1-5 freeway. We were lucky that we only had to wait about 20 mins to go one exit. But we heard that others had to wait a long time. Than we had to head back to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Liam had a dental check up at 8am to look for Graft versus host disease in his mouth. The dentist said the his mouth looked great, she couldn’t see any GVHD. That was great news. Next appointment was at the Hemoc Clinic upstairs. Liam needed a stress dose of Hydrocortisone before his Bone Marrow and Skin Biopsy. He was really not very happy with all of this. I really think is so tired of all of the appointments, and all of the procedures. You can tell he knows something is up. He gets alot of nervous energy. His blood pressure and oxygen were all good. They took us back for the procedure about 10:15am. It is so hard taking him to have all of these things done. I know it is very important and it must be done. But it is so hard, you think it would get easier. That is not so, it seems like it gets harder. You just want him to be a normal little boy. I HATE IT WHEN THEY ARE SEDATING HIM, HE LOOKS AT YOU WITH THOSE BIG BEAUTIFUL EYES. YOU CAN TELL THAT HE FEELS THE MEDS STARTING TO TAKE EFFECT, YOU CAN SEE THE MOMENT OF FEAR IN HIS EYES BEFORE HE GOES OUT. HIS LITTLE BODY GOES LIMP. IT MAKES ME CRY EVERY TIME. Now we wait and pray that Noa’s cells are growing strong and no sign of HLH, and no GVHD of the skin. Next stop was Radiology, they did a Chest X-Ray. They sent some labs to Cincinnati Children’s ~ NK Function and SL2. They are also doing the Lipids, and other normal labs. Plus they are doing a sorted Chimerism Engraftment Study (CD3, CD33, CD56 and CD19). PRAYERS NEEDED…. THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT. 

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