1st BMT – DAY +0 Transplant Day – Photos

Thursday, May 12, 2011- DAY +0 – Transplant Day 12:03PM

Liam’s ANC is 1092 on Day +0

Today is the day that our Little Warrior will recieve him Life Saving Bone Marrow Transplant. The gift of a second chance for a brighter future. The gift of a brother’s love. Hunter never gave it a second thought to be the donor for his little brother Liam.  He was honored, and felt blessed to be able give his little brother his bone marrow. All three of Liam’s older brothers, Noa, Hunter and Ryder bravely went thru all the needed testing to try and help save their Little Brother Liam. Noa & Hunter fully understood what this all meant for Liam, that he could die with out a Bone Marrow Transplant. Both of them bravely agreed to do whatever was needed to save thier little brother. Liam is so blessed to have had two brothers be a perfect 10/10 match. Hunter and Liam have so many phyiscal triats, looking at baby pictures you could easily be confused on which one it is. It just seemed meant to be that Hunter would be the donor. Noa watched over his brother Hunter everyday making sure he got plenty of rest, and eating healthy foods. All three brother’s played an important roll in helping save their Little Brother’s Life. They are all Hero’s! With so much love for each.

They are all blessed to have each other.

To view Liam’s Journey video/slideshow By: Nate & Heidi Kellar
click on the Youtube link :http://youtu.be/e_4ikT8BVnA


Pictures of Liam’s brother Hunter getting ready to go in for his procedure




Hunter seeing Little Liam, before Liam recieves Hunter’s Gift of Life, a second chance…

Such a special moment, the love of Brothers…





Grandma Terri says:
got to watch on skype Liam’s transplant going and see Hunter. Noa had his arm around Hunter, helping him walk~they walked over to Liam -Hunter pats his little head and Liam had a big smile for his big brothers! Like he was saying Thank you Hunter and Noa!
Bless them all~ Go Liam!!



Hunter went back to the Ronald MacDonald house to rest. He slept for several hours. Later that evening he started hurting. He said to me, I didn’t know how much it would hurt. I asked him, knowing that it hurts “would you do it again Hunter?” Without any hesitation he said, Yes Nana I would gladly do it for My Little Liam. :)  

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