DAY +603

Liam had an ultrasound yesterday , his spleen and liver are swollen. His liver counts were a little lower today. They are leaning towards HLH flare. He hasn’t had a fever since yesterday. His temps have been running low, around 96, his vitals have been good. But, his heart rate was between 60 and 75. Last night it was 110. His last blood pressure was 93/54. His oxygen has been around 98. The spinal tap came back clear of HLH. That was good news.  They said the white blood cells were normal From the spinal tap. They haven”t got back the bone marrow results yet. His ferritin yesterday was elevated 4700. They are rechecking it today.  His  platelets are low, yesterday after transfusion he was 50, today he is 16. They are giving him platelets now. They are going to hook him up to an IV pump for pain medicine. please continue to pray for him.

4:30 – his platelets went up to 32. They are running blood cultures, making sure he doesn’t have an infection. Sometimes that can cause a low temp. His heart rate is running a little higher in mid to upper 70′s.  His temp is also up a tiny bit. He is now resting.

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One Response to DAY +603

  1. Diane Balch says:

    We are thinking of you everyday and praying daily for you and your family, we love you Liam Rivers! Hang in there Mom and Dad and the boys!
    Uncle Jay and Auntie Diane