DAY +218 – Three years ago today…

DAY +218 ~ Three years ago today Liam was diagnosed with HLH – Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis. I remember be calling into the conference room with Dr. L and Dr. O and the Chaplin. The fear that was running through my mind still seems like yesterday. I wasn’t sure what they where going to tell us. I was so scared!!! Thinking to myself why is the Chaplin here. I felt so blank, like being in a dream and being so far away. It was so hard to process what the doctors were telling us. That Liam had a serious illness and if they don’t start treatment right away, he could die. Then telling us that the treatment was CHEMO. It was so devastating to think of Liam, at that time only 28 days old and having to be given poisons to keep him alive. Looking back now 3 yrs later, I feel so blessed  and so thankful to GOD for the doctors and nurses for doing everything to save Liam‘s life. There are now words to express how grateful we are. And to all our family, friends and people we have never met for all the love and support you have given us through this journey. Your love and kindness have helped us through each day. We are so very thankful for each and everyone who has been there for us.

Please share Liam’s story with others and help raise awareness about HLH. You could save someone’s live. This disease is fatal if not treated. It needs more research in hope of finding a cure. There is now government funding for research it is all done by private donations. To learn more about HLH, the signs and symptoms click the link

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