09/06/2011 If God could take this all away… by Kristy

Today we went to the doctor knowing that the rash could be GVHD but the hopes that maybe it was just nothing seems far fetched. Tomorrow we go in at 9:00am so I can hold my baby boy in my arms why they take a piece of his skin. At times I wonder how much more I can take and what Liam must be feeling. The pain never seems to end along with the struggle. I find my self taking deep breaths all day long and trying to keep myself calm. Everyday I wake up I hope that Liam will be o.k.. It seems just as you get your feet under you yet another unknown path comes along. I try to just walk without struggle but that’s not possible. If I could just take Liam’s place I would. It’s the hardest thing for a mother to have to sit back and know a bandage, kiss, hug, or time will not heel this. I know this is a bump in this very long road but I hope the end is felled with happiness and relief.
Liam’s labs look good and he is still gaining weight. All good things to focus on. It is a struggle to keep your chin up. But what else can I do.
Thank you for all the live and support. I don’t know what we would do without it.

For parents going through a BMT Liam’s rash started on his forehead it was red and dry. It looked like eczema but then it started to peel like a sun burn would. Then it spread to his back it came in patches on Liam. Now it is moving to his arms and legs. You can also see little red spots by it. It does feel rough to the touch and very dry. Any rash should be followed up by a physician and most likely should have a skin biopsy done. If it is GVHD they should start the child on topical steroids and check for GVHD in other parts of the body.

Kristy’s FB comment: Kristina Smith GVHD is were Liam’s and Hunter’s cells are fighting it out. It’s like a war going on inside Liam’s body. It starts with a rash and can go to other places in his body.

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  1. Nana says:

    Terri Ann Poulsen-Smith 5:30pm Sep 6
    Prayer request for our Warrior Liam! We Love YOU LIAM!

    Per Kristy and Jared:
    We have 2 come back n the morning for a skin biopsy It is spreading & they 2 think it is GVHD . I just hope the skin is the only effected area

    Terri Ann Poulsen-Smith Poor buddy, thanks for the update. Hoping and praying it will all be healed and go the heck away and leave him alone!! Love you all

    Angela ‘Dray’ Gideon I hope the meds work quickly and help supress the GVHD and let the healing begin.

    Myrna Liddell 10:52pm Sep 7
    Heavenly Father, Please bless lLiam and his family… and all the other little ones and their mommy going through this same journey. In Jesus’ name, we pray…

    Diane Poulsen Balch 10:41pm Sep 7
    We are so sorry Kristy & Jared, take one day at a time and stay strong. You guys have been great parents for Liam, he is so lucky to have a family like he has. We love you all…..PRAYERS!!!!!

    Paula Floberg Vernon 9:18pm Sep 7
    Your love for Liam is as strong as any other mothers would be, your courage is beyond what most of us have to be. Minute by minute, day by day we are all here to support you and your amazing family. Stay strong Kristie and Jared, one day at a time. ( Brothers too!)

    Gale Ripp 1:15pm Sep 7
    Hang in there Kristy, I know all the ups and downs are rough, just look forward to all of the ups and take one day at a time:):)

    Connie E. Williams-Brawdy 6:08am Sep 7
    prayers r with him and each and everyone of you,always remember GOD IS GOOD : )

    Tiffany Ann Hall 8:42pm Sep 6
    :( sending prayers to you and Liam…

    Brandy May 8:02pm Sep 6
    All of our prayers coming your way! Love you all!

    Cecelia Ann North Blodgette 6:04pm Sep 6
    prayers continue for Warrior Liam!

    Tara Thomas 10:22am Sep 7
    We love you smith’s

    Theresa Wasel 9:30am Sep 7
    Well darn, shoot, crap. Every mom out here is feeling some of your pain. Prayers are through the roof!

    Julia North 9:21am Sep 7
    Kristi’s strength is amazing. Every day I say a prayer for Liam and his family. Lord, please ease their frustration.

    Teresa North-Frick 12:47pm Sep 7
    StAy strong Kristie.. Prayers!!

    Rebecca Kester Holcomb 11:17am Sep 7
    Stay strong, that little guy is lucky to have a momma like you!!

    Stacy Gould 10:34am Sep 7
    Thinking of you guys everyday! Love you all!!

    Amber Callewaert Luttrell 10:19am Sep 7
    You are all in my daily prayers but I will be send extras today.

    Angel B 10:16am Sep 7
    :0( Praying for little Liam!

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