Still no real answers…

Update from Mom: Well it’s either a HLH flare or GVHD and if its a flare and the boost doesn’t stop it Liam will need another BMT I feel like my life if falling apart around me.


The doctors are not sure what is going on. His lymph node in his neck are still swollen, they seem softer, but not larger. Spleen is still enlarge and doesn’t appear to be larger. No fever this morning. His ALT & AST are trending down, he is taking Ursodiol 2x day for his liver. His soluble IL-2 receptor is elevated. His ferritin had been holding aroung 40, which low before this week. Now it was 204 on 11/4/12,  246 on 11/06/12. They are going to recheck it tomorrow. The test for viruses came back negative. We hope that it is just his graft coming in. The will test his engraftment at day 28, from October 17th. If this comes back low, they with discuses other options. That being another bone marrow transplant.

Please keep him in your prayers,
thanks, Nana

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One Response to Still no real answers…

  1. Nada Collins says:

    I always keep all histio patients in my prayers. But I will say an extra one for you little guy. He’s been through so much and you have taught us all so much through your journey….he should be due for some GREAT days….will be asking God for just that for you.

    Thank you so much for all you teach.
    In God’s great mercy grace & love,