DAY +98 Liam at Home, All together again…

 No words can express this moment… I think the photos speak for themselves!

They have been apart for so long. One weekend together in three months.

AUGUST 18TH, 2011


















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2 Responses to DAY +98 Liam at Home, All together again…

  1. Nana says:

    Brenda Rosenstiel 4:33pm Sep 8
    I just saw that the word “to” is in there oops.

    Brenda Rosenstiel 8:30am Sep 6
    Looks to like one big happy family!!!! Seeing these photos warm my heart!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

    Kelly Claudine Marsh 6:08pm Sep 1
    Love seeing all the photos! Precious ♥

  2. Holly Davis says:

    Love all the pictures, so adorable!! Can’t wait to meet you!!