Day 100-!!!

Grandma Terri posted in Liam’s Journey – HLH Warrior – 9:22am Aug 20

Today is Liam’s 100th day post bone marrow transplant and we want to celebrate his journey, give thanks to God for how far he has come, and how amazing he is! He is the happiest little warrior, and I ask that everyone please continue to keep him in your prayers for complete healing! So thankful he is home with all his brothers, and tomorrow he can help Hunter, ( his donor)celebrate his 9th birthday!! They will always have this special time to celebrate together! He is our miracle!

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2 Responses to Day 100-!!!

  1. Grandma Terri says:

    Karen Beavers Just fantastic, I can’t wait to see photos. I hope you all have a fab day xxxx
    Melanie Hulett Yes, he truly is a miracle! Blessings to the whole family. :)
    Sandy Poulsen Been following his journey on Facebook ans so happy and thankful!!!
    Brenda Rosenstiel Thank God for answered prayers!!!!! He truly love all his children!!!!!

    Tim Cahill Awesome news. The updates are great to read and to follow the progress. Good job Big Guy on being so strong( the whole family included) and Happy Birthday to Hunter, another hero to look up to!

  2. Grandma Terri says:

    Kandie Schmitz
    Liam Happy 100th day post bone marrow transplant Day! :-)

    Kelly Claudine Marsh Woo hoo!! Go Liam!

    Karen Beavers Congratulations! xxxxx

    Michelle Stone Happy