Coming home!

 We are over the moon! Liam, mommy and daddy are headed home~hopefully this thursday night, and have appt in Portland on Friday!! It has been a journey in Seattle and his journey will continue here at home with his big brothers! They are so excited to see him and mom and dad. We are so thankful for how far God has brought him and can’t believe this day is coming!

 Carol and I got to be involved in a conference call with Liam’s doctor yesterday. Lots of very good information, and direction as the journey will now continue with Liam at home with his loving family! Very proud of Jared and Kristy! Job well done and how nice to hear Liam’s doctor rave about his parents and great job you two have done! Remeber that as you head home tomorrow, Liam is in good hands with you guys and we are all here to offer our support! Love you~

Have this set up for anyone wanting to help out the family with a meal!

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2 Responses to Coming home!

  1. Grandma Terri says:

    Ronni Anrys-Herz yay

    Ronni Anrys-Herz so happy for the
    Lois Hulett They get to enjoy some of the summer at their “home”!!!! I’ve ordered nothing but SUNSHINE for them!!! HA!! Hugs to all…xoxo
    Sherie Webb How awesome is that that Liam gets to have all of his family with him to help him in his journey!!!!

    Gale Ripp will be thinking about you:):
    Stacy Gould YAY! So glad he gets to go home!!!!

    Kandie Schmitz Looking forward to seeing them come home!

    Tina Bragg Wolf Awwhhh Great new’s It gave me chills to read this
    Lynne Liston-Krause That is great news!!

    Eunice Hickerson Yahoo! Praise God

    Gale Ripp Wonderful news, the words GOING HOME is awesome:):)

    Karen Beavers Fantastic news!!!!
    Sheri Kerr How wonderful! So excited for them all

    Chandra Tony Parsons YAY! I’m so glad they can all be together!

    Diane Poulsen Balch Going Home how wonderful for you and your family, I bet your brothers can hardly wait for you to come. Long awaited homecoming, praise God and the Doctors. Love you little man and can’t wait to meet you. ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY Life is goood!!! ooxx

    Lois Hulett Soooo good to hear the whole family will be back together again!! I’m sure his brothers will be counting down the hours!!! AWESOME!!!!

    Jerilue Seekins Hopley Best news ever! XO

    Amber Callewaert Luttrell This is such wonderful news! I will continue to pray for this lil family everyday. Way to go Liam! And way to go Lil Smith Family!

    Pam Stevenson Great news!!! It will be good for all of you and I know the boys will be glad to have their family all under one roof again. Way to go Liam and Jared and Kristy! Love to you all!!!

    Melanie Hulett Our hearts of filled with joy for the family. Bless everyone who has had a hand in seeing to it that this day would come!

    Brenda Rosenstiel Great news. I will be praying for their safe return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Colleen La Croix Reutter Hooray!!!!!…I love answered prayers!!!!!

    Cecelia Ann North Blodgette yipppeeee!!!! Thank- you Lord!

    Laura Quackenbush Hammer Nothing could be finer!

  2. Kandie says:

    I love the sign!!! Great job! So glad they are coming home! :-)