I am waiting for information for the Bone Marrow Drive.

Post by Aunt Kandie

If you are on the list for Liam and anyone else…free. And to get tested for Liam only, it will cost around $175 per person through Kashi Labs in Portland, OR. I am trying to set the Bone Marrow Drive up at Rosie’s Restaurant… would you still want to be tested and put on the nations Bone Marrow Registry? Even if you don’t match Liam…wouldn’t you want to help someone else? Please, let me know. For those that don’t live close, can go to any local blood bank and sign up. Thank you, Kandie :-)

Just got of the phone with the Bone Marrow Dept. He is sending me information to my email. Had a nice long talk with him. There are 3 different types of drives we can do. I still have one more place to call that will just help with donating for Liam only.

Also, during the talk…my heart was crushed…I can’t donate bone marrow, because of the NF1 I was born with. But, I am still going to try and get this drive going, unless the doctors have found a match for Liam.

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