DAY +458 Appointment in Seattle – Results

Update from Kristy - So Liam’s results: his bone marrow shows 5% donor cells and I’m not sure if that means new donor cells or total donor cells. I will be talking to the doctor about that tomorrow. His liver was elevated again so they retested and if his chimerism from the blood comes back lower then we discuss a boost from Hunter but the doctor will have to discuss that with cinci the deadly graft verses host disease before we do it. Also Liam may have to have a liver biopsy if it keeps elevating before we can give him a boost. If the boosts don’t work then Liam will receive another bone marrow transplant but this time from Noa and a harsher regiment. I hope it doesn’t come to that :( please pray that Liam does not need another transplant. Thank you

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  1. Ann says:

    Praying for Liam and for your family.