Kristy talked to the doctor

Kristy’s facebook post:

So I talked to the doctor and this is what they said. If Liam’s bone marrow biopsy comes back that there are no new donor cells reproducing then he will have to have another BMT and if there are new cells of Hunter that we can try a boost but because Hunter is only 9 they would only be able to get enough for 2 boosts for Liam. Unless they put a central line in Hunter and took as much as they needed. That just doesn’t settle well with me there is so much risk in having a central line. So then if the boosts didn’t work they said they would use Noa as a donor. Which would mean a harsher BMT for Liam meaning higher risk of complications. So I have a lot to process yet again and I’m going to talk with the doctors about why they wouldn’t use Hunter again. They would be using ATG this time so I’m wondering if by not using it before was the reason the graft has dropped. This all still feels like a nightmare that I wish I could wake up from, but I’m still hopeful that his graft is stable and if needed just a boost. Please pray for strength I know I need it right now. Thank you

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2 Responses to Kristy talked to the doctor

  1. Ann says:

    Praying for strength for Liam and your family. Praying for God to give the doctors the wisdom they need for the next steps for Liam. The picture of Liam with the teddy bear is so sweet. You have a precious boy!! I will continue to pray for him and all if you.

    I saw your blog on Miabelle’s blog that I also follow.