DAY +439 – Call from Seattle

Post from Kristy 10:45 pm

I could write this earlier because I just couldn’t stomach the thought of it. Seattle called Liam will be getting a bone marrow aspiration next week. They said that they are seeing deadly GVHD with giving DLI’s in his situation which I still don’t understand and will be calling tomorrow to talk further about that. The only other option is another transplant. I feel as though I’m drifting between two worlds one of which Liam is healthy and the other of watching him knock on deaths door again. To walk into a bone marrow transplant unit with a child that appears and acts healthy knowing they are going to make them so very sick and maybe they won’t pull through is the worst feeling in the whole world. No mother should ever have to put there child through it. Please pray for strength for all of us. I know we are all going to need it. Thank you

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