DAY +349 – Liam’s 1 year Post Transplant Conference today…

Kristy updated her FB status: 

10 am – I hope today brings only good news. Liam has an eye appointment 11am to check for GVHD. Then 3:00 is our big meeting.

3 pm – We are headed to Liam’s appointment I’m freaking out emotionally hoping all results are good. Please pray for good results

4:54 pm – So the results were not what I was hoping for :( Liam’s graft is dropping T-Cell 60% NK Function 10% B-cell 2% they are running another blood test to look closer at the T-cells if that is low then Liam will need a DLI donor boost which would require more blood from Hunter. We should know more on the new tests tomorrow or next week.

DAY+ 341 – 04/2012        DNA Chimerism Analysis – Blood

(CD3+) T Cell                       60% donor origin (40% host)

(CD33+) Myeloid Cells           unknown% donor origin (unknown% host)

(CD56+) NK Cells               10% donor origin (90% host)

(CD19+) B Cells                        2% donor origin (98% host)

All his other tests look great but without a good graft they mean nothing but a ticking time bomb :(

5:37 pm - I feel like I’ve been punched in my stomach. It’s like the life is sucked right out of you.

5:41 pm – I know the results could of been worse but with your child the only thing you ever want to hear is good news. What ifs start to get a hold of you and it’s very hard. Liam is strong and I am very hopeful but the sad reality is that may not be enough :(

update from Jared Smith: It’s never going to be over thanks for the support. It’s going to be a life time journey for him.


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