DAY +348 Testing this morning :(

Kristy updated her FB status:

7:45 am – So maybe I just want to skip this part of his tests I don’t like liam having these things done :( he already has so many scares and has been through unimaginable pain. I wish I could take his place. I will be so glad when this procedure is over.

Before Liam went to his procedure

10:00 am – We are still in the waiting room :) hopefully we will go back soon.

10:30 am – Liam in is now :( holding Liam as they put him out just felt so wrong parents are not supposed to see there child like that :(

10:45 am - My sweet baby is done

Immunology appointment. That WAS one of the nicest doctors I’ve ever met.

2:05 pm - Liam’s immunology went good! But they did say he cannot be around any children that have not been immunized until he is fully immunized. Tomorrow we should know the results of his blood chimerism.

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