Jaelynn lost her battle with HLH. Please say a prayer for her mom and her family

Our hearts are heavy, praying for comfort and strength for her family during this difficult time. 

10/29/12 – Jae earned her wings today at 430p eastern time…

FLY HIGH ^^Jae^^


In August 2011, Jaelynn was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). She received her Bone Marrow Transplant in Dec. 2011.
It has been very hard on her she developed Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). Just recently she came down with Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD), and had to start chemo again. She is only 4 years old. Please Pray for her and her family. Pray that the treatments will help her.
10/26/12 – Update from Jaelynn’s mom: Urgent prayer request for Jae today!!!! She is in critical condition… Her blood pressure is dangerously low and they have her sedated… Please please please… If there is a God you will not take her!!

10/27/12 8:00 am – update from Jaelynn’s mom – So jaelynn has a bacteria called pseudomonas that has spread to her blood stream. It is very serious because there are only two antibiotics that can get rid of it but these medicines can be tough on her kidneys. She is heavily sedated right now because she is on the oscillator To help her lungs from collapsing . If she weren’t sedated it would be very uncomfortable for her. So, complications were expected with chemo. I didn’t have much choice. It was either this or let the lymphoma get worse and eventually kill her. I’m still hopeful and the drs are hopeful that she will pull thru this…

10/27/12 – Update from Jaelynn’s mom: Jae is not doing well. She’s in critical condition again…

August 2012

10/28/12 - PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY – Update from Jaelynn’s mom – It’s been a long night full of emotions. The dr gave us the “talk” last night and I am at a loss of words. I don’t want to believe it and I can’t believe that Jae’s fight is almost over. She is fighting so hard and for so long. If she could just have a little time to build her counts back up and fight this nasty bacteria that is making her so ill… She just needs some time!!! She’s gone this far, she deserves time!!! .. I’m hurting soooooo unbelievably bad right now and have been hurting since day one! I’ve tried to stay so strong for her and now I’m starting to break….

10/29/12 – Update from Lisa Yoo
2 minutes ago near Cincinnati, OH ·
Please say a prayer for jaelynn to have comfort for the final hours of her life… Her oxygen level has dropped down to 50%……

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