DAY +301/64 Clinic Appointment today

Update from Mommy:
Liam’s CBC labs came back in the normal range! Thank you for the prayers. We discussed his hydro ween and they realized that he needs his adrenal function tested so we go see endocrine on march 14 then they should schedule the test. They were supposed to get a magnesium level but the blood clotted and they would of had to poke him again so we will leave Liam on the same dose of magnesium for now…. They will check it at his next appointment. We also discussed what isolation will mean at a year post BMT for Liam and they said he needs to be off his Tacrolimus for at least 6 months before we can take him around people. So that would be in August :( but that’s ok because it’s worth it. Liam was 23lbs. 2oz.. The doctor appointments are getting a lot more changeling because Liam does not understand why I won’t let him down so he can play. So he pretty much screamed the whole time. There is no reasoning with a 17 month old. I feel so bad :(
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