DAY +237 The Hickman has a crack in the line

Update from Kristy – 3 January 2012
So I went 2 flush Liam’s line & it squirted saline on my hand. He has a crack n his line & I’m panicked we go n 2morrow pray 4 no infection


Update from Kristy – Wednesday, January 4, 2012
I just talked to Seattle they said they recommend that Portland takes Liams Hickman out. So now just waiting 2 hear from Portland.

The scary thing with a hickman is that it leads straight to there heart so if any bacteria was in or on the crack when I started to flush it could be a very big problem for someone who has had a BMT or is on immune suppression. So needless to say I didn’t get much sleep last night. Checking Liam for a fever. He has not got a fever yet. But like they said there could be something growing in the line. I pray to God that’s not happening. A little boy in Seattle had a BMT for HLH and got a crack in his line and it took his life so it is scary. Please pray for no infection and no complications.

January 4, 2012, 11:05 AM
So we are headed in I guess they r going 2 repair it today & take it out tomorrow I wish it could just b done today

Our Little Warrior heading to the Clinic today

3:26 PM 1/4/2012 Update:

I am so pissed we sat and had to hold Liam down for two hours so they could repair his line. They repaired his line and while repairing it, it broke again. I ask can’t you just call and get it out. They him and ha then we get sent to the surgery office and wait in the waiting room forever and then get put in a room while waiting I call Seattle they say to me the line needs to come out now. Have the dr call us so we can talk to them. So the dr comes in and I tell her Seattle wants her to call them and she refuses and tells us that Liam will get this line out within the week. I am about ready to get up and walk out and tell them that if Liam gets an infection because he has to wait to get surgery. The nurse trying to repair the line was like he’s going to need antibiotics and was very concerned about him getting an infection. The medical system is so screws up it’s not fair that you as a patent can’t call the shots they just refuse and basically tell you to bad. Wonder what would happen if it was there child????