DAY +218

FB Update from Kristina: Saturday, December 17th, 2011
Liams next appointment is on the 20th. We will discuss removing his Hickman when we go to Seattle. They will draw an IGG level to see if he will need IVIG if he does he may not get it removed. His level has been holding it’s own for a couple months so that is good!
Today he broke another tooth through it was on the top and it was bleeding pretty bad which scared me. I don’t remember the other boys having such a hard time with teething but maybe it’s due to all he has been through.
There is nothing in this house he won’t climb! Im really considering removing all furniture!!!
Liam and Ryder are quite the little partners in crime. They are best friends as Ryder says and are so excited to be together.
Liam loves to watch Noa and Hunter from the window as they ride circles around the house on there dirt bikes. He gets so excited he shakes. I can’t wait until they can all play together outside.

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