Time is our most precious gift…

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Time is our most precious gift…

Everyday we are each given the same amount of time in a day. We each get 24 hours.
Some people waste their time, and in some cases other people can be capable of wasting someone else’s time

We cannot buy time, bottle time, change time, or stop time.
Time affects EVERYONE

Of course everyone wishes they ” had more time”
More time to do all of our daily chores
More time to relax
More time with loved ones and friends

Some people wish for ” more time ” when they find the end is near

When a great opportunity comes along people say ” it was all about timing”

When you look back on fond memories you can’t help but say ” those were good times”

If you commit a crime you pay by ” doing time”

When you desire something for a long period people will say ” you’re time will come”

When a new mother to be feels the life inside of her ready to enter the world she will say ” it’s time!”

When a person has lived a good full life and is ready to go to heaven people will say ” his time here on earth is done”

When a young beautiful soul is taken from us too soon we say ” gone before her time”

When we see an old friend we haven’t seen in years and our babies aren’t babies anymore we say ” where has the time gone?”

Some people wish they could ” rewind” time, while others wish they could stop time altogether, as time becomes the enemy that separates us farther and farther from the last time we saw our loved one we miss so dearly

Most of all people simply which they had ” more” time
More time to tell people how you feel about them
More time to mend a broken friendship
More time to spend with those you love
More time to forgive those we harbor a grudge against
More time to make up for ” lost time”
More time to simply say ” I love you”

Tomorrow morning you will wake up to a precious new gift to unwrap..24 hours of time in front of you….it is your choice how to spend those hours, valuable time..if there is anything on this list you can do with your time please do…spend time with your loved ones instead of doing those dishes, they will be waiting when you finally get to them , I promise..call someone and tell them boldly and repeatedly that you love them..make sure they hear you, don’t mutter it…repeat it until they say it back to you…and this Christmas season don’t squander your money on a gift ….go spend time with someone..like I said time is our most precious gift you cant buy it, trade it or bottle it..but you can share it with someone.


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