DAY +117 Clinic appt. today-Skin Rash


Kristy’s Twitter updates: Liam woke up with a rash all over his back & forehead. I’m hoping it is not GVHD but I think it is.


We have an appointment today hopefully we will get the rash figured out. Keep my little warrior in you prayers. :(


We have 2 come back n the morning for a skin biopsy It is spreading & they 2 think it is GVHD I just hope the skin is the only effected area.


It’s not fare that any child should have to fight so hard. I often wonder why but I will never get the answer nor will I ever understand.

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One Response to DAY +117 Clinic appt. today-Skin Rash

  1. Nana says:

    Karen Beavers 12:21pm Sep 6
    Waiting to read your updates xxxx

    Kandie Schmitz 11:47am Sep 6
    I will keep praying….