Liam’s Skin Rash Photos

Liam woke up with this rash this morning……

Click on photos below to enlarge




Kristina Smith
We have 2 come back n the morning for a skin biopsy It is spreading & they 2 think it is GVHD I just hope the skin is the only effected area

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2 Responses to Liam’s Skin Rash Photos

  1. Nana says:

    Diane Poulsen Balch 1:19pm Sep 6
    Poor little guy, if it ain’t one thing it is another, hopefully he is just having a reaction to that delicious popslicle he had the other day. Praying also for our little warrior all the time. :o )

    Lynne Liston-Krause 1:30pm Sep 6
    Sending prayers…..

    Brandy May 9:52pm Sep 5
    Poor lil guy! :-(

    Colleen La Croix Reutter 9:42pm Sep 5
    Such a tough warrior!!hang n there sugar pie!!!

    Tina Bragg Wolf 8:41pm Sep 5
    Dang it! Playing

    Kandie Schmitz 8:38pm Sep 5
    Praying for Liam…Everyone Please say a prayer for Liam! :-)

    Sheila Nielsen 8:38pm Sep 5
    Oh! Poor sweet baby

  2. Lori and Burle Sargent says:

    Poor Baby, if it is not one thing it is another. Liam has come so far and we pray the medications will work and he can feel better again real soon. Our thoughts are with you all!
    Take care of each other.