DAY +103

Thing have been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to update Liam’s blog. I will be filling in the gap when I get a moment. Plus I will be adding some homecoming photos. It is so great having Liam home. He is such a happy baby. with a beautiful smile. He is trying to cut another tooth. He is so close to trying to walk. Last couple of days he is standing for a longer peroid of time. You can tell he is really thinking about it. Yesterday he said DaDa for the first time at his clinic appointment. Daddy was very excited about that. Now he says mom, nana and dada. Still waiting for the CMV test to come back. Kristy got a call on Saturday from the Portland Clinic. They said the lab on Thursday from the Seattle Clinic for the CMV needed to done again. The test was done on Saturday in Portland, but we still don’t have the results back. Will post update on test when we have them.


Grandma Terri posted in Liam’s Journey – HLH Warrior (Facebook Group)

 9:55am Aug 23, 2011

Liam got home last Thursday and he is so enjoying his brothers, and they him! They have had to be in Portland at clinic on Friday, Saturday, Monday and again on this thursday! lots of traveling! Hunter had a wonderful 9th birthday celebration. Thanks to everyone for the support, meals, and honks and thumbs up at our sign to welcome him home! And to Burgerville for putting Welcome home Liam on their reader board! Warms our hearts, such wonderful friends, family and community we are blessed with!

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