Day 46

Monday, June 27th, 2011
Liam is great, lots of fun times playing and doing all the normal baby stuff, he is wearing his mom and dad out! He keeps them busy and such a blessing to have him feeling so well. So thankful! I think his next appt is on Tuesday. Please keep him in your continued prayers and all his other fellow HLH warriors out there!

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One Response to Day 46

  1. Grandma Terri says:

    Wanted to share Kristy’s note to Karen:
    Thank you so much Karen. I Am so exhausted and nervous. I am going to be bald by the time we reach the end. Then it will grow back gray!!!! I give all his meds, fluids, and feeds I am sure you did the same. As you can see I am just crawling… in bed at 12am and the morning will come to soon. I can’t wait tell I have a little more tim…e just to relax. Yesterday Jared pushed the stroller and I rode the mountain bike about 10 miles it felt so good. It was so nice just to be by myself first time in months. I got to see Liam’s smiling face as I rode back to them. It seems that now I really notice things around me and appreciate them so much more.
    I hope the family is doing good. I send my love and hope someday we will get to see eachother. Kristina Smith