DAY +142 First Family Walk together

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One Response to DAY +142 First Family Walk together

  1. Nana says:

    Grandma Terri Ann Poulsen-Smith 8:48am Oct 2
    I love the look on his handsome face!

    Melanie Hulett 12:36am Oct 4
    ADORABLE!! I love his face!

    Cecelia Ann North Blodgette 6:55pm Oct 2
    great pics. what a cutie pie!

    Teresa North-Frick 11:20am Oct 2
    He is so cute and happy!! What an amazing little boy!

    Jerilue Seekins Hopley 11:02am Oct 2
    A miracle milestone ~
    Vickie Quackenbush Quintrell 10:40am Oct 2
    He looks so happy to be outside.

    Susan M. Buck 10:20am Oct 2
    awesome!!! need some goats to make it a goat walk? those are the most fun walks!