DAY +124 Tacro level low

  • Mysticlimber13

    Kristy’s Twitter update – September 13, 2011: Liam was 18lbs 10oz and they are going to leave his NG tube out until Friday to see how he does :)

    Tacro level (3) is low again not sure why. 

Liam and his brother Hunter (Donor) and no NG tube!

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  1. Nana says:

    Karen Beavers commented on her post in Liam’s Journey – HLH Warrior.
    Karen Beavers 12:04pm Sep 14
    I hope you are all doing ok and coping with all the hospital visits. Its fantastic that Liam has his NG tube out, I hope he gets on well without it. Deakon had his in for ages, but he was a bit younger than Liam. Its great to see his birthday photos I hope you all had a good day. Things are looking up, stay strong and keep going, day by day. Sending lots of love and thinking of you all xxxx

    Karen Beavers 1:43pm Sep 18
    I miss you guys not been on here much but I know no news is good news n if your not on here Liam is still at home doing great! Hows he doing without his ng? Love to you all xxxx

    Sheri Rae Balch Huston 8:29pm Sep 21
    AH!! He looks so happy as if nothing has happened..great picture..

    Susan M. Buck 8:17pm Sep 21
    awesome!! such cutie pies!!

    Tenelle Bragg 7:49pm Sep 21
    So handsome! (:

    Pam Stevenson 4:45pm Sep 21
    Quinn says Hi Liam, hope we can ride bikes together one of these days……take care and you are really cute!!!

    Lynne Liston-Krause 2:32pm Sep 21
    Beautiful boys!

    Laura Quackenbush Hammer 8:20am Sep 22
    Great to see!