DAY +120 Liam is one year old tomorrow

We feel so blessed that Liam is turning ONE tomorrow. I will post some pics when I can.

We are waiting for the skin biopsy to come back. Praying that it is not GVHD… Their is such a fine line with GVHD, if they see none then the worry that something is wrong. And if they see GVHD it indicates that donor and host cells are fighting. I seen Liam this morning the rash is very faint today.

He has a clinic appointment today in Portland, will try to post updates as I get more info from Kristy.

Kristy got a call yesterday that the last NK function test done is still showing low. I’m not sure what that means. So many unknowns thru this process. It is so hard at times. Please keep Liam & Family in you daily prayers.

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