DAY +35 Big Day! Liam is leaving the Hospital – ANC 3735 WBC 5.0

Kristy’s Twitter Update – Thursday, June 16, 2011, 11:00 AM

Day+35 ANC 3735 WBC 5.0 platelet 270 hematocrit 28.5 went up on it’s own they thought they were going 2 have 2 give transfusion b4 we left.

ANC 3735 (06/15/11 ANC 3041) (1500-5400 normal)
WBC 5.0 (06/15/11 WBC 4.2) (6.0-17.5 normal)
Platelets 270 (06/13/11Platelet 173) (250-600 normal)
Hematocrit 28.5 (06/13/11 Hematocrit 29.7) (33.0-39.0 normal)
Today is the big day, Liam is leaving the Hospital. They will be staying at the Ronald MacDonald house until the +100 days. Please continue to pray for Liam, as he continues to heal.


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One Response to DAY +35 Big Day! Liam is leaving the Hospital – ANC 3735 WBC 5.0

  1. Nana says:

    Comments posted in Liam’s Journey – HLH Warrior – Facebook Group.

    Sherie Webb 11:21am Jun 16
    Such great news!!!

    Julia North 11:22am Jun 16
    Way to go Liam!!! I believe the Lord has used you to minister to so many… He has big plans for you little guy!!! Every day when I put my Liam bracelet on, I say my prayer for him.

    Lori Sargent 12:53pm Jun 16
    Yeah!! Before you know it they will all be home healthy and happy….. Such wonderful news!

    Melanie Hulett 3:52pm Jun 16
    Tears of sadness have been replaced by tears of joy!!! Sooo happy for all of you, especially that special little warrior of yours!

    Brenda Rosenstiel 6:54pm Jun 16
    This is the best news!!!!!!!! Way to go Liam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cecelia Ann Blodgette 10:06pm Jun 16
    Yes, yes, yes!! this is wonderful!