DAY +13 ANC 0

This has been a very hard day, filled will extreme frustration and disbelief

1. dissatisfaction: a feeling of disappointment, exasperation, or weariness caused by goals being thwarted or desires unsatisfied
2. frustrating of somebody or something: an act or instance of causing somebody or something to be dissatisfied or unfulfilled

feeling of not believing: the feeling of not believing or of not being able to believe somebody or something

Kristy requested Reverse Isolation for Liam, they will not allow this for my grandson. The hospital protocol does not call for gowns or masks to be worn when caring for BMT patients.

Kristy’s Twitter Update – Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 11:58 PM
I would like 2 know when we lost are right 2 protect our children.I am so saddened by this.They say u r contagious 3 days b4 u have symptoms

But yet nurses and doctors can come into Liam’s room without a mask on. That only takes common sense to figure out. Why take that chance?

Cold Virus Info:
A cold virus enters your body through your mouth or nose. Colds are highly contagious and most often spread when droplets of fluid that contain a cold virus are transferred by touch. That’s why you can get a cold by touching your eyes or nose after you touch surfaces with cold germs on them. Hand-to-hand contact or shared objects (utensils, computers, towels, toys, telephones, etc.) can cause you to catch a cold. You can also inhale the germs; the virus can spread through droplets in the air when someone who is sick coughs, sneezes or talks.

They have nurses go into rooms with highly contagious infections they gown up but then they come into Liam’s room.

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  1. admin says:

    Comments from Liam’s FB Group – Liam’s Journey – HLH Warrior

    Terri Ann Poulsen-Smith
    Prayers were answered – no more Strepotococcus!! Way to fight Liam!!

    Sophia Hoesch: Yeah!! Halellujah!

    Sherie Webb: Wooooohooooo!!!!!!

    Gale Ripp awesome

    Brandy May: What a blessing! Prayers still coming! :-)

    Brenda Rosenstiel: Praise GOD!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!

    Chandra Tony Parsons: YAY! What a little fighter he is!

    Cecelia Ann Blodgette: yesssss… thank-you Lord for hearing our prayers!

    Caryn Jones: SSWWEETT!!

    Carolyn Gill: Such great news!!

    Alina Ferguson: That is EXCELLENT news!!!!

    David-marissa Coffey: God is awesome I cant waite to keep hearing all the good news!

    Debbie Conjulusa-Obrien Oh praise GOD and all his Glory, Thank You Jesus for your will and Grace on our lil Liam. Thank you lord keep healing him and help him with his pain…Amen!!!