Rosie’s Restaurant – Liam Smith Fundraising Raffle & Dinner

Liam River Smith Fundraising Raffle – Many of you have asked how you can help. Starting April 1, 2011, you can purchase Raffle Tickets for a $5.00 donation at Rosie’s Restaurant, Kandie Schmitz, or Terri Smith to assist with the long term needs and all related expense for the family. Drawing Deadline: 6pm – April 30, 2011 at Rosie’s Restaurant
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Drawing – April 30, 2011 @ 6pm
Location: Rosie’s Restaurant, – 1245 Lewis River Road – Woodland, WA
50% of all meals purchased between 5 PM & 8 PM will be Donated to the Smith Family. We hope you can join us for the drawing, (attendance not required to win.)


Heavenly Perk
April 30, 2011  (7:00am-8:00pm) Day of the Fundraiser

I am pleased to tell you that the products for the coffee stand have been donated, so 100% of the proceeds will go to Liam River Smith.  My name is Jeanie and I run the bistro at our church in Kelso, and I have donated my day to come and share in this wonderful event and hope that my small effort will help, and at the same time encourage others to do the same.

We are asking that you donate these amounts if you want a specialty coffee.  Please come out and join us!   Jeanie

The Fundraiser for Liam & his Family was a great turn out. Thank you to everyone who donated Items for the Raffle, donated their time to help out with tonights dinner, Heavenly Perks, and of the those who bought raffle tickets, and most of all the prayers. THANK YOU for showing the Smith Family so much love and support. What a great community we live in.

           Liam’s Great Grandma Rosie                             Liam’s Great Grandpa LeRoy

         Liam’s Great Aunt Kandie                          Liam’s Grandma Terri & Great Aunt Pam

      Cooks: Chris & Liam’s Aunt Robin














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One Response to Rosie’s Restaurant – Liam Smith Fundraising Raffle & Dinner

  1. Caleb J.L says:

    Hello! My name is Caleb J.L. I am 22 years old and I love to pray for others. I would love to be part of your family if you would allow me to be? I have a scripture for you. It is in Hebrews 13:5-6 in the King James/Amplified. The verses say

    Let your character or moral disposition be free from love of money [ including greed, avarice,lust, and craving for earthly possessions] and be satisfied with your present [circumstances and with what you have]; for god himself has said, I WILL NOT IN ANY WAY FAIL YOU NOR GIVE YOU UP NOR LEAVE YOU WITHOUT SUPPORT. I WILL NOT, I WILL NOT, I WILL NOT IN ANY DEGREE LEAVE YOU HELPLESS NOR FORSAKE NOR LET YOU DOWN (RELAX MY HOLD ON YOU)! [ASSUREDLY NOT!] So we take comfort and are encouraged and confidently and boldy say, The Lord is my Helper; I will not be seized with alarm [I will not fear or dread or be terrified]. What can man do to me?

    Father God I just want to say thankyou for what you have done,are doing, and will do in this family’s life!!!!!! I already know that your WORD says BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE AND WERE MADE WHOLE!!!! So I take hold by faith what your WORD says!!! Your WORD also says DECLARE A THING AND IT SHALL BE ESTABLISHED. I declare complete healing right now!!! In the name of Jesus Christ!!! I rebuke Satan off this family and litle Liam!!!!! I thankyou father that WHAT SATAN MET FOR EVIL YOU WILL TURN IT FOR THIER GOOD AND FOR YOUR GLORY!!!! Thankyou father that this baby WILL LIVE AND NOT DIE!!! For you said I HAVE COME SO THAT YOU MAY HAVE LIFE AND LIFE MORE ABUDANTLY!!!! May your (ZOE) LIFE flow through them right now in JESUS Name!! Fill the Hospital and every place the family is with your INTAMIT PRESENCE!!!!! I declare that the RIVERS OF THIER BELLYS OVER FLOW WITH THE JOY OF THE LORD!!!!! May your love cossume thier spirits,souls,and bodys!!!!!!! I know that you are holding each one in your arms! Your WORD says IF A MAN WILL NOT DOUGHT AT ALL IN HIS HEART AND SAYS UNTO THIS MOUTAIN ( hemophagocylic lymphohistiocytosis) BE THOUGH REMOVED AND BE CAST INTO THE SEA IT SHALL BE DONE UNTO HIM. I thankyou father for hearing my prayers! In JESUS Name, Amen!!!!!!