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  1. Steve says:

    We are praying for little Liam. So glad to hear that he is getting his transplant from his brother.
    He looks like a real fighter.
    Keep us posted with his progress!
    steve and karen fassett

  2. Terri Smith says:

    Hope you have a good day, keep up the good work and may God bless you all the days ahead!

  3. Terri & Mike Smith says:

    “By his light I walked through darkness.” (Job 29:3)

    Liam our hearts and prayers are with you this week as you fight this HLH and prepare for your bone marrow transplant.
    Yes “YOU ARE STRONG” and being lifted up in prayer by so many who love you!
    So thankful to God to have the sibling match for your bone marrow transplant!
    You are so blessed by the love of all your big brothers and the gift of bone marrow you will recieve from Hunter! We hold you both in our prayers for the big day of transplant and celebration!
    Keep smiling beautiful boy and stay strong! HLH Warrior Liam!!!
    We love you so much, grandma and grandpa xoxox
    God bless you and keep you strong and safe all the days ahead and to your complete healing! We believe! xoxoxo

  4. Diane Balch says:

    Dear Liam, great auntie Diane and uncle jay are so proud of you, and can see our answered prayers in your strength! and A+ from your doctors.
    Everyone in Grangeville knows you and have you in their continued prayers! Love to your mommy and daddy and brothers! (diane’s computer down so via me)xoxoxoxo

  5. cynthia says:

    I am the mother of a very active, healthy, almost 6 year old (FHL survivor) Isaac was diagnosed at 2 months and had his BMT at 8 months, we stayed in the hospital for a total of 40 days, we “wouldnt” stay any longer. It was very scary to come home but we felt we were in control in are own invironment, I could imagine that this has been very hard for you, having other children to take care of at the same time. I am currently facing a similar situation, I am 16 weeks pregnant and having to make the hardest dicision of my life, my baby has been genetically tested and has the fhl genes aswell, i was devastated and i thought i had my mind made up to what i would do but then i didnt. I wonder how you juggled being with Liam and also with your other children? This is what worries me the most, Isaac and how this will affect him.

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